We were established in 2003 to address the changing conferencing landscape, and boy what a landscape change its been. The state of the art computer processor was the Intel Pentium M. Windows XP ruled the desktop and Facebook was still a year away from hitting college campuses.

We knew that we needed to utilize leading edge technologies and state of the art systems to bring converged communications to the corporate desktop and beyond that to the individuals smart phone. (still a pipe dream in 2003 btw…)

We rolled out automated Passcode based conferencing, Operator Assisted Conferencing and Event Calls, and Web Conferencing services that feature Instant Collaboration with fully synchronized audio.

We knew we had to be a "facilities based" Audio Conference Service Provider (CSP). Unlike most other conference service providers, which resell portions or all of other providers' products as their own; Mercuri hosts all of our audio services on our own redundant, carrier grade systems. This means we have full control over our systems and technologies, which allows us to provide you with the most comprehensive service available on the market today.

And when it came time to bring video to the market we partnered with StarLeaf, a company that shared our visions and values.

We aren’t about best of breed. We bring you best in show.

And in case you’re curious about the title graphic, yes, we are always looking to the future and working on updates, we will never be “complete” doing so, and as much as you’d sometimes like to, please, don’t turn off your computer or you might miss what’s next.

Locations and Infrastructure

Mercuri has its head office location in Burlington Ontario Canada, and maintains conferencing infrastructure at our head office, as well as collocations in Toronto Canada and Rochester New York.

Mercuri has Local Access Numbers and International toll Free access for your Teleconferences available from 45 countries around the world, allowing you to connect your people globally and eliminating International Long Distance Charges.


Our Audio and Data systems utilize real-time diagnostics and reporting to ensure that any system issues are addressed before they become service affecting. Hot spares, redundant critical systems, carrier grade power backup and technology on our audio and data networks ensure maximum availability of our services.

  • We guarantee the quality of your call with our state of the art equipment and Tier 1 network.

  • We guarantee the accuracy of your bill, down to the second.

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