Mercuri Direct™

Our on demand conferencing allows you to access your conference call without the need to pre-book or contact a Mercuri Representative. A permanent Chairperson and Participant Pass-code give you access to your conference call on your schedule

Mercuri Direct includes everything you need for everyday conferencing while offering many additional services such as:

•    Operator assistance at the touch of a button
•    Call recording and playback, available immediately after your call.
•    Detailed post-conference summaries within minutes of your call’s completion 
•    North America wide and international toll free access
•    Local numbers in various cities in over 48 Countries around the world


Mercuri Assist™ and Mercuri Plus™

Some calls require that extra touch to make sure they run perfectly. So that you can concentrate on the message and not have to worry about the medium, Mercuri offers a full suite of operator assisted and event call services.

You will be assisted every step of the way from the scheduling of the call, to the detailed post-call report.

Our Assisted services include:
•    Call recording and playback
•    Interactive polling
•    Operator assisted dial out to local and international numbers
•    Moderated question and answer sessions

Mercuri M/R™

Mercuri has built an entire infrastructure to support the Market Research Industry. From our CRP™ booking system which eliminates the spreadsheet trauma of booking and tracking calls to our real-time voice masking system that ensures client anonymity to our online cost estimator to ensure you don’t under quote your projects, Mercuri makes it easier to have a better interview.

  • Our M/R services also include:

  • Call recording and playback of both front and back rooms

  • Support for simultaneous translators

  • Operator assisted dial out to local and international numbers

  • Single line translator access

  • Proprietary Internet Voice Access for clients, respondents or translators

  • Real-time Web Chat for Clients and Interviewers

  • GDPR compliant services

  • Real-Time Voice Masking of Respondents

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